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#TravelingBandJournal: Our Train Travel Vignette

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

The nostalgia of the clock-tower at Chennai railway station painted a burnt-red, bustle of a city on a sunny day, adventures of Tintin with aloo-puri to keep us company as the train rattled and hummed taking us far far away.

"I've always loved traveling by train. From the time I was a kid, summer vacations meant long train journeys to see my grandparents in Nagpur or cousins in Kolkata.”

✍ penned by bassist Jishnu Dasgupta, here is a short travelogue on the many joys of traveling together as a band on longish train journeys that take us back in time.

"Each journey would mean the magic of cutting through a changing landscape, different people, and the clickety-clack of railway tracks that would echo in my mind much after the journey was over.

We don't often get to travel by train as a band - but when we do, it's a lovely experience. You really get to stretch out, read a Tintin, grab a snack and stare lazily out at the blur that is India today."

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