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#TravelingBandJournal: NH7Weekender 2015 Photo-Memoirs

[Photo-1] Good to to back on the Dewarists stage, sound-checking on a chilly Shillong-y morning!

[Photo-2] Weekender State of Mind: Sun breaks through clouds over #bacardinh7weekender. We’re were on at 4.40 at the Dewarists stage.

[Photo-3] Spent a wonderful morning in the Mawphlang Sacred Forest in the company of Rudy Wallang, Randolph Correia, our guide Bashan and the stillness and purity of the Khasi faith over centuries.

[Photo-4] An early morning kulhad of chai with our special guest for #bacardinh7weekender. Lakhan Das Baul in the house. A man of simple tastes but a voice blessed by some divine power. Looking forward to jamming with him.

#baul #folk #fusion #jampad #chai (at Kolkata, India)

[Photo-5] Soundcheck Soundcheck! Vasu belts out an impassioned version of Pyaasi to get comfy on stage ahead of our #bacardinh7weekender gig on #kolkata

[Photo-6] That feeling when you’re headed home from NH7 but it feels like you’re headed back to NH7…

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