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#TravelingBandJournal: Tour of Indore Photo-Blog

Tour of Indore: a long day of flights, a red-eye soundcheck, a rapid-fire show

Eye of the Traveler: As we take off from our home-city, an overcast sky, the vastness of the horizon and the tininess of human scale are what we capture

Our trip to Indore saw us take off from Bangalore and land for a brief layover in Mumbai. Armed with smartphones loaded with pixel power, the boys are trigger happy!

The Happy Landing: A brief layover in Mumbai and our luggage management woes

The stark contrast of Mumbai as you land never fails to strike you. The rows upon rows of blue tarp are almost hypnotic. We’ve always loved coming to Mumbai. Only wish this was more of a visit and less of a stop over.

The value of patience as brought to you by the CISF at airports across the country.

We’re on the way to Indore, via Mumbai in what promises to be an excruciating journey where we retrieve all 150kg of our gear and re-checkin. Yes. In 2015.

While on the Tour of Indore we discovered Indigo’s new win snacks. Gotta try them.

The Long Long Day: 7-hours of flying later we get to work in Indore

It’s 10:30 pm here in Indore but our day of work is about to get started. Production has scheduled our soundcheck tonight to avoid the hassles and time crunches that usually happen when you have multi-band soundchecks on the same day. And frankly, I think that’s a great idea. Just that I wish we didn’t have 7 hours in planes and airports before this. 

Apart from me almost missing my Indore connection (I was absorbed in reading Tintin and the Red Sea Sharks at the Bargain Book Shop in Mumbai Airport; Tintin buffs will agree that’s a hard one to put down), and Vasu regaling bemused flyers with a Jet Airways flight announcement set to tune, the flights were comfortably boring and uneventful.

Now time to order a quick bite at the fancy-ish five starrish place we’re at, and head on out to begin our day of work!

The Red-Eye Soundcheck: A huge stage, and despite the strained nerves we had fun

Soundcheck was fraught with issues and delays, nerves were strained, and tempers were short. However we did have a fair share of laughs. The stage is massive! So huge that stage left guy can’t see stage right.

Pic: Pavan Kumar KJ

@CoolShobhit took this picture of our set at Indore which was a tad too short for our liking, at just 4 songs. But we made the best of it. Taking on the Vyapam scam in Topiwalleh was a kick! Now for some shut eye. Long flight tomorrow.

Rainchecks: Heavy downpour mars our night food market jaunts

We returned to the hotel after our set amidst sheets of rain pouring down. Cats, dogs, cows, buffaloes, they were all raining down on Indore last night. We kept hoping that out would ease up, but no such luck.

We leave with a rain-check on Sarafa and other foodie delights that we couldn’t enjoy. A special shout out to Himmat Sodhi our tour photographer.

Touring Reads: Pavan talks about the brothers RK Narayan and RK Laxman while reading Tales of Mysore on the trip

I’ve always been fascinated by the accounts of Mysore I read in RK Narayan’s book, and his brother RK Laxman finds mention in it. So it’s great to find RK Narayan’s reference in the autobiography of Laxman, one of my favourite artists. Tales of Mysore in the olden days bring alive my father’s accounts of the city. I love how Laxman attributes his creative inspirations to the city as well.

- Pavan Kumar KJ

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