Composed and arranged by Swarathma

Produced by Amit Kilam and Swarathma 

  • Lyrics: Hitesh Kewalya, Vasu Dixit

  • Guitars & Backing Vocals: Varun Murali

  • Drums: Montry Manuel

  • Bass & Backing Vocals: Jishnu Dasgupta

  • Vocals & Rhythm Guitar: Vasu Dixit

  • Violin: Sanjeev Nayak

  • Percussion & Backing Vocals: Pavan Kumar KJ

  • Mrudangam: Keshav

03. Sur Mera  


A song for when your heart is breaking and your soul feels like it has lost it's voice. ​Lamenting your loss, you search your past and your memories. 


Sur mera kho gaya, ab mein kya gaon...

Taar toot gaya, phir yeh kya baje... 


Goonje woh tarana

Mere kal ka jo fasaana

Woh sab hai puraana

Chuppi ka woh bahana

Yadoon ke sire jud ke bhi

Poochte rahe kya zamana hai

Aankh mein bhare aansoo se

Bol yeh kahein hai kahan 

Sur mera kho gaya

Na yeh hawa

Na fiza ke naam-o-nishan

Na jane kyun

Sun ke bhi maane na 

Sun ke yeh sada mein chala jab

Dhoondta raha sur mila tab

Maanta nahin dil bhi tab

Jaanta nahin woh kehta hai

Sur mera kho gaya 

Swarathma: Album & Song Art-Work

Swarathma album and song art-work was created from photographs of graffiti that told stories from everyday life. In a longish blog, we tell the tales behind each. 

Sur Mera recorded live at The Red Music Box Studio - as part of our 5-track video series called Simply Live! A song for when the heart breaks and your soul can't seem to find it's voice. 

Simply Live! is a series of acoustic recorded in the process of us getting back to music after the long lock-down months. 

Sur Mera Unplugged in Jodhpur: played live and unplugged at Samand Lake Palace for a curious bunch of staff members who made us feel totally at home. This track takes us back - each time!

Album Design 

  • Concept & Design: Vasu Dixit

  • Photography: Pavan Kumar KJ

  • Art: Manjunath R

  • Technical Support: Montry Manuel

  • Content Supervision: Jishnu Dasgupta

  • Live Images: Chinmayi Arakali, Harris Becker, Skanda S., Darshan M. K., Madhuri H. A.

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