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Released in October, 2021
Self-produced and recorded at The Red Music Box Bengaluru - 1st track in forthcoming album

01   Dus Minute Aur                             Lyrics  |  Buy


Dus Minute Aur, Swarathma's brand new tracked released on 25 Oct. High energy, zesty track to get fans going through the morning mad rush or hit the snooze button as they chase dreams! For just 10 more mins...

A post-pandemic release that has the band now on the road for a multi-city tour. 

Released in June, 2020

Self-produced and recorded at The Red Music Box Bengaluru

01   Mushkil Mein Jeena                     Lyrics  |  Buy


Mushkil Mein Jeena, Swarathma's new single released on 12 June. MMJ is a gentle reminder in a song that says, "don't forget to live," even as we cope with the fallout of the unprecedented pandemic. Chose life in your heart, listen to this song.

Released on Nov, 2018

Self-produced and recorded at The Red Music Box Bengaluru

01   Raah E Fakira                                Lyrics  |  Buy

02   Aasman Ki Dukaan                      Lyrics  |  Buy

03   Manwa                                           Lyrics  |  Buy

04   Sangat Ki Rangat                         Lyrics  |  Buy

05   Kaash                                             Lyrics  |  Buy

06   Beta Sweater Pehno                   Lyrics  |  Buy

07   Mazloom                                       Lyrics  |  Buy

08   Jiya Lagaye                                  Lyrics  |  Buy

09   Jangama                                       Lyrics  |  Buy

Raah E Fakira


The band's 3rd full-length studio album was self-produced and blended comic style art with a contemporary sound yet had the familiar earthiness. The songs speak as much of journeys within as much they are about the world around us. Raah-E-Fakira calls out to humanity with the vibrant signature fusion-rock title track and bareboned songs like 'Kaash' and 'Sangat Ki Rangat'

Title-track made it to the Apple Music 2018 Top-100 List-of-Songs. 

Released in June, 2017

Recorded at Audio Academy Bengaluru 

01   Agla Savera                                 Lyrics  |  Buy

A New Dawn: Swarathma’s first-ever studio collaboration with the award-winning composer, produce and singer Clinton Cerejo. It also features ace R&B singer Bianca Gomes who's powerful vocals blend melodiously with Vasu’s earthy range. Agla Savera is folksy roots meeting hooky-pop vibes. 

The track featured on I-Tunes India's Top-100 chart consistently post release.

Released in January, 2021

First released on YouTube in 2014 - now released across all streaming platforms worldwide

Naane Daari (Dualist Inquiry Remix): Released first on YouTube in 2012, this song from our 2nd studio album Topiwalleh translates to “I am my Way”.  A song for the times and one that we enjoy playing to audiences for the sheer energy of Kannada disco funk meeting edgy electro dubstep. Now available across all streaming platforms. 

Released in May, 2012

Produced by ace musician Loy Mendonsa and recorded at Mumbai’s Empire Studios

01   Topiwalleh                                     Lyrics  |  Buy

02   Kooraane                                       Lyrics  |  Buy

03   Rishton Ka Raasta                        Lyrics  |  Buy

04   Khul Ja Re                                     Lyrics  |  Buy

05   Ghum                                             Lyrics  |  Buy

06   Naane Daari                                  Lyrics  |  Buy

07   Aaj Ki Taaza Fikar                         Lyrics  |  Buy

08   Mukhote                                        Lyrics  |  Buy

09   Duur Kinara                                   Lyrics  |  Buy

10   Yeshu Allah Aur Krishna              Lyrics  |  Buy



An imaginative, sure-footed, sonically rich album with powerful social-stands. From a satire on politics that hits hard on corruption and extremism, to rampant deal-chasing consumerism, media-sensationalism and modern relationships. A heavier, livelier sound, colourful aesthetics and widespread acclaim saw Swarathma on the cover of Rolling Stones India. 

Released in January, 2009

Produced by Amit Kilam of Indian Ocean, recorded with EMI Music India, after the band won radio City Live, a nation-wide hunt for the country's best Hindi band - a terrific win from among hundreds of participating band!

01   Jana Kahan Hai Mujhe                Lyrics  |  Buy

02   Pyar Ke Rang                                Lyrics  |  Buy

03   Sur Mera                                        Lyrics  |  Buy

04   Patte Saare                                   Lyrics  |  Buy

05   Ee Bhoomi                                    Lyrics  |  Buy

06   Bolo Kya Hai                                 Lyrics  |  Buy

07   Barsenge                                       Lyrics  |  Buy

08   Pyaasi                                             Lyrics  |  Buy



Self-titled debut album and a dream come true! The band out all their collective energies into this album. Each song is an outpouring of raw, honest song-writing, conveying a message about living in out world. The album fuses genres to deliver a fresh sound - yet, remains unabashedly Indian. 

Describing it as "the next-level" of Indian rock, Rolling Stone India magazine gave it 4-stars. It swept JD Rock Awards in 2009, winning Best Album, Best Song and Best Band of the Year awards.  

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