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Composed and arranged by Swarathma

Produced by Amit Kilam and Swarathma 

  • Lyrics: Hitesh Kewalya, Vasu Dixit

  • Guitars & Backing Vocals: Varun Murali

  • Drums: Montry Manuel

  • Bass & Backing Vocals: Jishnu Dasgupta

  • Vocals & Rhythm Guitar: Vasu Dixit

  • Violin: Sanjeev Nayak

  • Percussion & Backing Vocals: Pavan Kumar KJ

  • Sarangi: Suhail Yusuf Khan (Advaita)


08. Pyaasi  


A river's lament​ - written over the Cauvery river conflict. For hundreds of years, the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have been fighting over who should get how much of the river's waters. In our foolishly human quest to own nature, have we stopped to wonder over what the river might feel?


Pyaasi hoon mein tumko pila ke

Thak gayi hoon 

Modon pe ruk ke 

Ashk toh behne do

Paani hoon paani rehne do 


Kahan se aayee

Kahan hai jaana

Kiski boli bolna hai ab

Kisne hai yeh khel rachaya 

Putla bana ke

Tumko nachaya hai re 

Megha tu bhi laut ja re

Ghar samundaar bhool gayi hoon

Raakh ko kyun mujh mein bahaya

Toote kinaron pe kyun jhukaya sar

Swarathma: Album & Song Art-Work


Swarathma album and song art-work was created from photographs of graffiti that told stories from everyday life. In a longish blog, we tell the tales behind each. 

Official music video feat. Shubha Mudgal: her sweeping voice makes the Cauvery river come alive as she navigates her journey between two sates that are at war over her waters. 


Music-video was later created by Swarathma to highlight India's looming water crisis. 


Album Design 

  • Concept & Design: Vasu Dixit

  • Photography: Pavan Kumar KJ

  • Art: Manjunath R

  • Technical Support: Montry Manuel

  • Content Supervision: Jishnu Dasgupta

  • Live Images: Chinmayi Arakali, Harris Becker, Skanda S., Darshan M. K., Madhuri H. A.

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