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Swarathma wears social conscience on its sleeve. The band members compose music because they love it, and they layer it with causes and beliefs that affect each of them personally.


Music is a channel, a medium of expression of the band’s collective values.


And these collective values have led them to make music around issues like child sexual abuse, urbanization and a satire on politics in daily life, among others.

For A Greener Planet, For A Sustainable Future

As temporary citizens of this earth, Swarathma believes that each of us are responsible for creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

Many Notes for Sustainability: In our city, Swarathma has been associated with the movement against single-use plastic, the stir against the proposal to axe trees at Indira Nagar BDA complex, and the Steel Flyover Beda protest. They have played in aid of NGOs such as Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN), supported Greenpeace in India to raise awareness about climate-change.


The band has done fund-raiser shows for Dream-a-Dream Foundation, Delhi-based YP Foundation and Chennai-based micro-credit organization Rang De.

Ban On Plastic: We support the use of cloth shopping bags over plastic, giving them away at their concerts with their merch. These eco-friendly bags are made by an organization called Small Steps, based in Puducherry and run by women who’s livelihood were impacted by the devastating tsunami of 2004. In Nov 2019, the band played at a fair hosted by BBMP, the Bengaluru civic body, to promote alternatives for single-use plastics.

Water Warriors: In association with Swechha India, Swarathma is shining an urgent spotlight on India’s looking water crisis.


Our much-loved song, Pyaasi is based on the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu dispute regarding Cauvery waters. India continues to suffer from droughts and states quarrel over water. Our foolish belief that nature belongs to us and we have a right of ownership over it - this belief is addressed through this soulful song.


Republic Day Great Gig to Inspire Our Nation to Action & Celebrate India's Water Warriors


On 26th Jan, 2021, we played our first concert of the year for #MissionPani Waterthon - an initiative by Network18 to mobilize mass movement for water conservation. We joined a notable group of policymakers and leaders, of water-heroes fighting India's chronic water shortage. We began with Pyaasi that contrasted the harsh reality of severe water shortage of rural India while urban wasteful use continues.  

Raising awareness is crucial – saving every drop is urgent and everyone has a role to play. Do join in the conversation and take the conservation pledge.

#ConcertforTrees Sept, 2018

As trees embrace each other , Swarathma came together with I Change Indiranagar and other concerned citizens to perform and raise awareness about 171 odd trees that were to be axed under a redevelopment plan.


Development should not come at the cost of losing valuable green cover 

Watch Vasu Dixit in his Hair Hostess avatar 

Ban Single Use Plastic
Sept, 2018
Pyaasi: 1st music video
June, 2010

"I am thirsty from quenching your thirst" - Pyaasi is a river's lament. For this track feat. the legendary Subha Mudgal, Swarathma joined hands with Global Water Council, Deloitte, Gibson and Naandi Foundation. 

The video juxtaposes the story of a village girl's search for water in rural Rajasthan as she deals with severe water scarcity with urban Indians who remain unaware of the scale of the problem. 1 out of 7 Indians don't have access to clean drinking water is a grim statistic.

"Wars have been waged for natural resources - through their song, Swarathma urges people to stop a while and listen to Mother Earth.

Saving Trees with Faye D'Souza Nov, 2020

Our songs have been about the plight of the river Cauvery and water-wars between states, politicsabuse and mindless urbanization. This is where our music comes from – stories and emotions of the people we perform for.

In early November, we sang again for the trees – this time the ones foresting the Western Ghats between our home state and the neighboring states of Goa and Kerala.


On noted journalist Faye D'Souza's digital platform, we sang and stood united with citizens of Goa who are protesting infrastructure projects that will make the state a coal-hub, require mass-scale cutting down of forests endangering wild-life species found only in this fragile ecosystem. This, despite several available alternatives. As Vasu said, "Protest Protects" especially those who don't have a voice and can't speak for themselves. 

Spreading the Joy of Music: #BYOH, School of Rock and The Minor Project

Spreading the Joy of Music: It began with Swarathma Action Replay shows where the band would go and play for organizations or people who cannot come and watch live performances. Maybe they are not privileged enough financially or physically. Over the years, Swarathma has played at leprosy centers, rehabilitation centers, old age homes, child-care centers and orphanages. They have played shows for the blind, had sung for street kids.

In 2019, Swarathma started two new initiatives: BYOH and School of Rock.

#The Happiness Project: Bringing You Our Happiness

BYOH is Swarathma's new video-series and it all about bringing you their happiness – and for Swarathma, it happens when they play music to those who have too little of it.

BYOH Episode-1

In the first episode of BYOH, Swarathma played for the brave kids at the Children’s Ward of Kidwai Memorial Cancer Hospital in January.

BYOH Episode-2

For the second, the band invited the Visually Challenged Children from Karnataka Welfare Association to share our music at the Bohemian House – and they opened our eyes to the true gift that music is.


ENGAGING A DIFFERENTLY ABLED AUDIENCE: Featured in India's first life-style magazine in Braille

Striking the Root Chord with Swarathma: A Unique Feature

It was an incredible and humbling feeling to hold a pristine-white copy of the White Print Mag October-edition in our hands, running our fingers over the raised letters.


Start of a beautiful conversation with listeners of different abilities.

#SchoolofRock: Taking Music to Classrooms 

2019 was about new beginnings and sharing the story of Swarathma's journey with more of you. So, the band started a series of music workshops and concerts for schools.



In 2019, Swarathma took this to the GEAR International School, NPS Whitefield and Silver Oaks International School.

Each concert was a smile-fest. The unique energy was totally refreshing – and here is to more in the days to come. 

Thrilled to be part of a project that seeks to make it a better world for children by ending violence, and creating a safer, more nurturing space for them. We hope to learn as parents too. And stay curious, open to our wold.

With Beta Sweater Pehno, we spoke out about the academic performance pressure kids commonly face, which takes a huge tool on overall development of young minds. 

Being Better Citizens & Addressing Urban Concerns 

Our Music is About Being a Better Citizen: Through our songs, we have always expressed our deep beliefs on building a greener city and a sustainable planet.

As the nation went to polls in 2019, Swarathma collaborated with India Today on a unique campaign urging citizens to go out and vote.

Through several of their songs, Swarathma has echoed the voice of millions of Indians who are frustrated with the system of governance and want to break the monotony of stereotypes in the society.

Topiwalleh is a rhythmical satire on the political arena of the country.


Yesu, Allah aur Krishna is about communal harmony and Kabir's teachings. 

Sound-of-Election 2019

Swarathma performed for citizens and a bunch of inspired kids who, in association with the NGO "Let's Be the Change" spend weekends cleaning and beautifying ugly stretches of city. 

Musical Cleanthon Nov, 2017

With Citizens for Bengaluru, Swarathma lent support and voice to Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation’s Bus Priority Lane initiative on one of the city’s most perma-jammed Outer Ring Road.


Here is the band, in an impromptu jam during rush hour to inspire Bangalorean’s to adopt public transport.  

Music in the Bus Lane 2019
We Stand in Solidarity and Support for Campaigns in These Tough Times of the Pandemic

#TogetherforTomorrow: In Support of Industry Gig Workers


We owe the success of our gigs to workers who toil super hard to put up the shows - engineers, stage hands, laborers, sound company workers, light riggers, and the entire community of daily wage and contingent workers who can't make ends meet when gigs dont happen. 

#TogetherforTomorrow is an initiative to provide support and financial assistance to these essential workers of our industry. As our way of giving back, we are contributing the 1st-month streaming revenue from Mushkil Mein Jeena to this campaign. 

With more than 10 crore jobs at risk, the future of the performance industry is at stake - let us come together to support the people who are it's very backbone. 

#TogetherLouderStronger: We Sing with India's Best


On 27th September, we performed for Together Louder Stronger - a massive online collaborative concert dedicated to raise funds in support of the behind-the-scenes live entertainment industry workers who keep the shows going and the larger community of folk artists.

Conceptualized and executed by Anahad Foundation with Believe Entertainment, this virtual event united and brought together some of India's biggest and most celebrated musicians. 

Watch the show on YouTube channels of Anahad Foundation or Believe Entertainment. Show your love and support: leave a comment, talk about the Anahad Artist Relief Fund or donate.

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