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We get asked this a lot, "So, how did it all start?" And we're a little tired of answering it. So, we've begun thinking of innovative ways ways to say it. Like, "Sanjeev was on an intergalactic peace mission when he saw Vasu busking at the edge of the Solar System."


But the truth is that there wasn't a master plan or a grand vision of world domination. It was a group of friends getting together to play music that they loved. It was original in expression, speaking of things that made us feel a certain way, in the language of music. 

And despite all the ups and downs, we've continued doing just that, with three full-length albums (Raah E Fakira in 2018, Topiwalleh in 2012 and Swarathma in 2009), award-winning music-videos (Pyaasi, Rang Zinda Hain, Beta Sweater Pehno) and collaborations with our heroes (Shubha Mudgal, Amit Kilam, Clinton Cerejo, Basement Jaxx).


Through it all, the band has been both a baby and a mother. There are times when we've nurtured it with all we had, and there are times when we are cared for by the shade of a tree that we helped grow. 

If you are reading this, here is a shot of gratitude. We hope to continue to bring you joy, musically and otherwise. 


JISHNU DASGUPTA// bass guitar & vocals 


A musician with a business management past, a high-energy performer with an almost legendary on-stage wit and presence. Also, a scuba-diver and full-time dad.


// violin & vocals

The beating heart of Swarathma's sound. Violin stringmeister extraordinaire, but with a weakness for the silliest memes in the world.


// drums


A heady cocktail of tight drum playing and energy. Keeper of the Swarathma groove.

A straight-up shot of on-stage power. 


// vocals &  rhythm guitar


Impassioned human, free-spirited composer, open-throated singer, masterful front-man. In equal parts, a philosopher, film-maker and graphic designer. An artist's artist.


// guitar & vocals

A gifted music producer and recording engineer masquerading as an ace guitar player. A lifelong student and committed teacher of everything music. 

Learn more about his studio work at The Red Music Box.

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