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Composed by Swarathma, co-produced with Loy Mendonsa 

  • Lyrics: Vasu Dixit

  • Lead Guitar: Varun Murali

  • Drums: Montry Manuel

  • Bass & Backing Vocals: Jishnu Dasgupta

  • Vocals & Rhythm Guitar: Vasu Dixit

  • Violin: Sanjeev Nayak

  • Percussion & Backing Vocals: Pavan Kumar KJ

  • Recorded by Chinmay Harshe at Empire Audio Centre, Mumbai

  • Mixed by Hriday Goswami

  • Mastered by Ty Degroff at The Final Sound, NM, USA

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Album Art-Work (from left to right): Montry, Jishnu, Varun, Vasu, Pavan and Sanjeev

06. Naane Daari  


Naane Daari "I am my own way" - a song about hope and leaving the past behind. It speaks of youth and the power of belief. 



ee dehada gudiyalli beLakannu kaaNuve

bettada tudiyinda koogi haaduve

aagasa dhareya ondaagi maaduve

paataaladinda naa chimmi baruve


solalloo geluvina paaThava aritenu

bhayadalloo mojina ranjane kandenu

nanna usire praaNa snehitanu

harushadinda jagava naa geddenu

nanage naane daari


yaariddarenu nanage nenneya maatu nennege

idu nanna jeevana haadide yauvana

kuNiyuve navila haage jigiyuve jinkeya haage

ee maNNe chandana nanagilla bandhana


manasu araLi kanasugaLu chigurive

baNNada alegaLu jeevanava tumbive

nanna bharavase nanage guruvaagide

dhairyadinda nanna naa kandenu

nanage naane daari


In the dark cave that is my being,

I find the light!

And I shall scream of it, aloud, from the mountaintops

This earth, this sky, become one in my fist

My passion erupts from the ground below.

Official music video of the song Naane Daari - video footage is from Restless Tour to promote their 2nd studio album, that took the band from Bengaluru to Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mysore and Lucknow. 

Video: Sameer S Sahab

Collaboration with Dualist Inquiry: a mad electro-dubstep remix first released in 2014. 

Launched on all digital streaming platforms in Jan 2021. Years later, we still feel as thrilled to hear the sounds of our folk-rock mashed up brilliantly with that tasty electro-dubstep synth, that Sahej cooked up. 

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