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Composed by Swarathma, co-produced with Loy Mendonsa 

  • Lyrics: Vasu Dixit 

  • Lead Guitar: Varun Murali

  • Drums: Montry Manuel

  • Bass & Backing Vocals: Jishnu Dasgupta

  • Vocals & Khamok: Vasu Dixit

  • Violin: Sanjeev Nayak

  • Percussion: Mahesh

  • 2020 Lyric Video: Aayush Agarwal


Album Art-Work (from left to right): Montry, Jishnu, Varun, Vasu, Pavan and Sanjeev

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04. Khul Ja Re  


An upbeat song about a light optimism - totally hummable as life opens new doors promising new adventures. 



Khul ja re, khul ja re sim-sim,

Khul ja re

Jab koi rasta ho band

Bolo tum mere hi sang

Khul ja re!


Khul ja re yaron ki baahon mein

Khul ja re manzil ki raahon mein

Khul ja re sehmi hawaao mein

Khulja re raaston ki chaaon mein

Manzil hi jab paani hai

Thokar bhi ab khaani hai

Jeete to tumko maana hai

Agar haare tumko gaana hai

Khul ja re, khul ja re sim-sim,

Khul ja re

Jab koi rasta ho band

Bolo tum mere hi sang

Khul ja re!

Chehre pe hain muskaan

Par dil mein ek toofan

Aankhon mein jo hai darr

Sehma sa beghar hai

Choti si ek khidki ne

Roshan kiya ghar saara

Aage hi jab jaana hai

Aage hai aasmaan saara

2020 Lyric Video: To celebrate our collaboration with Apple, we were also filled with hope as the lockdown restrictions gradually started to ease. Here is a video we want you to sing along to as you journey on wide open roads, and all troubles vanish with the magical spell of "Khul Ja Re"

Soundtrack to Apple's India Online Store Launch: A milestone for Apple and a feather in our musical cap, as our dream collaboration unfolded. Opening bars of Khul Ja Re animate the iconic and arguably the most recognized logo for Apple's online store launch promo-campaign

Khul Ja Re at Indie Earth: A laid back cafe, the perfect setting for performing Khul Ja re, a song about doors opening by uttering the magic words! We performed this live at the 2015 Indie Earth Festival in Bangalore. Vasu's skillful playing of the khamok, an indigenous folk instrument is sure to stay with you. 

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