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Swarathma Action Replay: Concerts with Conscience

Swarathma believes that its music is rooted in a social context. That is why in 2010 we resolve to take ACTION, to take our music, its message and the joy it brings to those who may not get a chance to hear it easily.

Introducing Swarathma Action Replay: Concerts with Conscience. Where few, if any, bands have gone before. Where we will play our hearts out. For free.

The first in the series of Action Replay concerts will be at 6pm on 6 Jan 2010, at the Sumanahalli Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre, that is home to over 120 patients. The society also shelters the HIV+, street kids and abandoned girls, all of whom will be a part of the 300 strong audience we’re expecting at their sprawling, incredibly green campus.

The inmates are on the verge of losing their haven, though. In the 30 years of its existence, the area surrounding the Centre has gone from forest to a bustling suburb and authorities are doing the math on what the property is now worth.

We intend to play more shows of this kind whenever we can afford to. It is called Action Replay because we take a part of our show fee from other paying gigs to self-produce these concerts. Organizers are welcome to produce such gigs  themselves, too.

If you’re in Bangalore and would like to be a part of this event, drop us a mail. Or if you know of another cause worth taking ‘action’, anywhere in the country via music, let us know.

But together, we will make a difference, however small. One show at a time.

Peace, for 2010

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