#TestDriving New Songs at BFlat Bar Bangalore: Photo Memoirs

After a self-imposed ban on gigging for two months, we test-drove our new songs at the BFlat Bar Bangalore - memories from the week and the day

Vasu♥Dogs: Check out who decided to follow the music up to our jampad. Getting set for our New Song Test Drive at BFlat Bar. Two months ago we took a call of not playing gigs till we have new material.

On Friday 16 Sep we are taking our brand new songs for a test drive!

#visitor #music #canine #love #gigalerts

Freshly fried nom noms. Pre rehearsal power.

#vada #sogood

And our road worn wireless in-ear monitors from #Sennheiser are good to go. Soundcheck in just a bit at The BFlat Bar. Feeling all butterflies about the new tunes!

#bandpic #soundcheck (at BFlat)

All setup and ready to roll! After an extended soundcheck and rehearsal we wait to take the BFlat stage.

#bacardihouseparty #NH7WEEKENDER (at BFlat)

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