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#TestDriving New Songs at BFlat Bar Bangalore: Photo Memoirs

After a self-imposed ban on gigging for two months, we test-drove our new songs at the BFlat Bar Bangalore - memories from the week and the day

Vasu♥Dogs: Check out who decided to follow the music up to our jampad. Getting set for our New Song Test Drive at BFlat Bar. Two months ago we took a call of not playing gigs till we have new material.

On Friday 16 Sep we are taking our brand new songs for a test drive!

Freshly fried nom noms. Pre rehearsal power.

And our road worn wireless in-ear monitors from #Sennheiser are good to go. Soundcheck in just a bit at The BFlat Bar. Feeling all butterflies about the new tunes!

All setup and ready to roll! After an extended soundcheck and rehearsal we wait to take the BFlat stage.

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