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Walk the Talk: Steeping Towards Sustainability with "Small Steps"

A couple of months ago, we played at the Indian Youth Climate Network’s Climate Solutions Road Tour, aimed at raising awareness for a threat that we still think we’re untouched by – Climate Change. It was there we came across the group of people behind SmallSteps, who are actually doing something about it.

Here’s what they’ve figured out: Reducing the number of plastic bags that are disposed or destroyed is a Small Step. To do that you need to have an alternative. The cloth bag that is hand stitched by women in need of employment is another Small Step. When you go shopping, don’t give in to the convenience of the ubiquitous white plastic bag.

Swarathma has tied up with, to give away these bags for free. And so we did, for the first time on Mar 14, 2009 at the Landmark Show, Bangalore.

Here’s hoping it makes a difference, however small.

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