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A Huge Win for Us and Indie-Music - Our Dream Collaboration with Apple

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Folksy opening tune of the khamak from our track, Khul Ja Re marked a milestone in the journey of Apple in India as they opened their dedicated online store

Apple's Online Store Launches in India to Our Soundtrack

Apple launched their online store in India and selected the opening bars from Khul Ja Re, from our album Topiwalleh, as the soundtrack to their launch video. The earthy sound of the khamak used as intro in this track, animates the festive-coloured intricately patterned and iconic Apple-logo. Our track lends a unique, pulsating and playful rhythm that celebrates this milestone of Apple’s 20-year journey in India. The promo-campaign featured on YouTube India’s homepage and had millions of views.

We had tied up with Anara Publishing a while ago – and this collaboration just came our way, quite serendipitously. We are honored and humbled – as always. This will be the stuff of Swarathma legends.

Khul Ja Re - A Reprise

Khul Ja Re is a happy song – a song about opening doors and all of one’s troubles and fears are overcome with a little help from friends. Catch us performing this track, live at the Indie Earth Out There series in 2015, 3-years after the launch of Topiwalleh, our sophomore album. As an album, Topiwalleh is edgy and we are more outspoken as we take on corruption, politics and religious hypocrisy through our songs. Khul Ja Re is one of the more upbeat tracks that adds cheer and a diversity of sound. This does make us nostalgic about the incredibly sunny vibes and about us with our music in a no-frills setting. Hope the optimism of this song catches and we hum it together as exciting new goals and marvelous pathways keep us moving forward.

Music Publishing Agency Tie-ups: Our #HandyTip for Indie Musicians

How did our collaboration with one the world’s most-valued brands come about? In this coverage on Mid-Day, we tell you the story and share an often overlooked yet handy tip: singing up with a publishing agency. Publishing helps indie-music gain a wider exposure, generating opportunities for compositions to be performed and reproduced.

We signed up with Anara Publishing in early 2020 and have been on their hand-picked roster of artists of since. We believe that their strategic pitching of our music with producers where there is an excellent creative fit helps us find a larger audience, and this is essential for our music to thrive.

Anara’s presentation to Apple’s brief lead to the eventual selection of our track for the launch campaign – here is a shoutout and a bunch of thanks to the team. We are so excited and look forward to many such cool and fulfilling future collaborations.

We are delighted to share our joy and this not-insignificant achievement with you, dear reader and our beloved audience. 

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