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Aasman Ki Dukaan - #LIVE from The Red Music Box

A season for unreasonable optimism even as we celebrate small wins which is all about just coming together as a band to make music in these tough times

If there ever was a time for unreasonable cheerfulness and optimism, it is now. We are celebrating our small wins – even if is meeting in the lockdown all masked and sanitizing compulsively, just to shoot this video for a song that we have played so many times before. And to fondly remember the audience applause.

However, things are harder today beyond any of our imaginings. Yet, most days, music helps us keep the faith. And we reach out to you today with our paigam of hope even as we persist in this pandemic-struck world.

In the first week of September, we rolled out a new video for our much-loved track Aasman Ki Dukaan from our 3rd-album Raah e Fakira. Shot and recorded live at our lockdown gig venue, the warm and welcoming The Red Music Box studio, here we are making music all with the wish to bring you some joy.

We missed the home-quarantining Sanjeev and his quiet brilliance that day – but, we went ahead because there has never been a greater need for art and music in our lifetimes than now. Aasman Ki Dukaan is a petition to the shopkeeper in the sky to open his heart, descend to be amongst us – lending us grace and acceptance. Hope you enjoy listening to this version.

And if you feel nostalgic, like we do ever so often these days, listen to Aasman Ki Dukaan, recorded live during our Red Bull Music Studio sessions.

Or watch this animated lyric-video version of this song – a story conceptualized around the business of religious rituals by Jishnu and Ispita Basu, illustrated by Upamanyu Bhattacharya of The Ghost Animation Collective.

Here is wishing we return to play music for you sooner than we can now imagine.

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