Gig Posters: Curated as Band Trivia and Memorabilia

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

We have enjoyed designing posters for our own gigs over the years. Starting in 2010, we have built quite a collection over the years. Here is a curation of select concert posters and tour announcements:


First in 2010: Concert Poster

Photo-credit: Hiba Zubairi

Artwork: Montry Manuel


Swarathma at Mindtree: Live Poster, Designed Backstage

Pic: Jishnu Dasgupta | Design : Montry Manuel


Swarathma at News99: The autographed Ghodi poster, designed live at the News9 Studios.

Pic: Pavan | Design: Montry, Vasu

[29.01.2010] The Swarathma Ghodi Mask: We want you horsing around

On February 23, 2008 there was born an idea from the fevered brain of Vasu Dixit. For the Rajasthani folk inspired upbeat ditty 'Pyaar Ke Rang', he said he would prance around on a papier mache horse. Now, we were pretty sure no band had done something like that before, and frankly not all of us were kicked by the idea, but we decided to go ahead with it. The show was the one that kick-started the career in music we have built today – Radio City Live National Finals, New Delhi.

The ghodi (mare, if you will) became an unprecedented success. As far as band mascots go, it became part of our identity. We were taken aback, and delighted by how it quickly became the darling of photographers and audiences alike. When our sets were cut short and we could not play 'Pyaar ke Rang', audiences would lustily request for her appearance.

Alas, the original ghodi was lost after the show we played in Calcutta at the orphanage. You might be shocked, how could we lose something so huge, but the truth is that we did. What you see on stage today is v 2.0, fibre glass, durable and still lovable. There’s the same big-hearted grin on her face.

We celebrate the Ghodi by giving a little bit of her to you  – in the form of the mask!

Text: Jishnu Dasgupta | Graphic Design: Montry Manuel


Juggle-Bandi at Palace Grounds

There's jugglers, acrobats, chorus girls and a carnival atmosphere! And there's Parikrama and us. Live at Palace Grounds.

Pic: Pavan | Design: Montry, Vasu

[12.03.2010] Swarathma Live at SAP Developer Conference DKOM 2010

Pic and Design: Montry Manuel

[19.04.2010] Swarathma Action Packed Summer-of-2010 Tour Poster: we play for 'Bell Bajao' campaign to raise awareness against domestic violence, gig-big with Pentagram at HRC Bombay. Artwork: Montry, Vasu, Pavan

[05.10.2010] Plotting the Biggest Tour of Our Lives

Coast-to-Coast Tour promised to be pretty huge with more dates than we had ever played in such a short span of time. The fact that we were taking the road less traveled was quite exciting. The boys were really kicked about playing in their home towns, what with Vasu and Pavan hailing from Mysore and Sanjeev from a small town between Mangalore and Manipal! To top it, we’re heading from coast to coast, traveling cross-country from Mangalore to Chennai.

There was a lot to learn along this tour, for sure. To begin with, to keep costs down we did most of the travel by road. So was gig-travel-soundcheck-gig-travel-soundcheck-gig for most of the time. How a bunch of woozy band members found the energy to deliver night on night was something we needed to learn. After all, this is how they do it abroad. We got a small taste of it on our UK tours, but nothing quite like Indian roads and a tempo traveller for transport, eh?

Tour Poster Design: Vasu Dixit | Pic: Pavan Kumar