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Making of the Beautiful Artwork for Mushkil Mein Jeena

Mushkil Mein Jeena, our song for remembering to live through the toughest of times, has been brought to life by the incredibly talented and delightfully charming Ekta Bharti, who visualized the idea for the artwork. From a spot hidden away in a lush-green garden somewhere in Gangtok where she is currently freelancing, watch Ekta tell you about how she thought of contrasts and metaphors for bringing out the truth of this song in her artwork.

Ekta was one of the amazing artists from Ghost Animation Collective, who illustrated “Sangat Ki Rangat” for the Raah-e-Fakira album’s graphic storybook. The simplicity we love in her art, was embodied in the beautiful illustrations Ekta came up with as she drew upon her childhood memories of picking her way through the waterlogged streets in Patna to board her school bus.

In this blog, we also share some of her sketches, ideas and jottings before we got to ‘Bulbul’ – our girl with the umbrella, splashing joyfully through puddles even as the rain pours down.

“I hum a gentle tune – and string up the moon” – read her lovely couplets that turn these sketches into short stories.

As our curated contribution to the #foryourmind campaign, Ekta is contributing 2 sets of stickers drawn from her sketches for Mushkil Mein Jeena. Here are a few selected ones rendered in colour. Head over to the store to buy for yourself or as a gift to cheer up a dear one who is struggling today to stay hopeful. As part of #foryourmind campaign, your contributions will go towards supporting identified NGOs who are working in the space of mental well-being.

Catch the complete conversation here:

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