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Abiding Charm of Hand-Written Set-Lists

A collection of photographs of our hand-written set-lists - 8-9 copies of which are written by one of us before every show. A bit of band-trivia and bit of what makes us who we are.

[Photo-1] This is a picture of the set list. One of us painstakingly writes out about 8 or 9 copies of this before each show. 6 for the band on stage, 1 for the sound engineer, 1 for the light engineer, and an extra for the Tour Manager if he needs one. We could get them printed out or photocopied, but there is something special about having a list taped to the stage floor that one of your band members has written himself, one that you look at between each song.

Picture by Avinash Shetty, taken at Palace Grounds, Bangalore, Feb 2012

[Photo-2] On stage at SpringFest in IIT KGP in just a bit! 24th January, 2015

[Photo-3] All set #backstage with the #setlist and #allaccess #wristband. 21st February, 2015

[Photo-4] There’s something calming about handwriting set lists before a gig. Tonight be begin with 'Rishton Ka Rasta' a ballad about relationships. We’ve never done that before. The whole first half hour is a quiet set, with sensitive songs that usually don’t get played in the high energy festival sets that are the flavor of the season.

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