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#BetaSweaterPehno Video Shoot: Photo Memoirs

Wickedly weird and memorable captures from our shoot of the quirky video for our back-to-school blues track 'Beta Sweater Pehno'

'Beta Sweater Pehno' is our sarcastic take on grade-driven academic excellence. It is also an anthem for non-conformity. The video is a throwback to the drudgery of donning school uniform and then being off school and get from one class to another - all for earning accolades rather than being immersed in the joys of learning.

'Beta Sweater Pehno' is part of a larger social cause – 'Release The Pressure', a campaign that addresses the exam stress faced by teenage students, initiated by soft drink brand Mirinda.

In this quirky video, we are dressed as pre-teen school-goers. Vasu sports a skirt and fluffy ponytails tied in red-ribbons, while Jishnu, Joel and Sanjeev appear in white school-boy shorts accompanied by spotless white keds.

The mood is blue and the melancholy and is palpable as we didn't intend the video to come across as a parody or something that stereotypes.

But, the band sure had loads of fun during the shoot.

[Photo-1] Cruising around Mysore shooting our brand new music video. Stopping for Shek and Juse. Featuring: Jeol Milan Baptist

[Photo-2] Happy girl after 2nd day of shoot. Featuring: Vasu Dixit (at SJCE Mysore)

[Photo-3] Sitting duck. featuring: Sanjeev Nayak (at Mysore, Karnataka)

[Photo-4] Playground Violin Lessons. Featuring: Sanjeev Nayak (while Vasu lurks in the background, taking care of schoolbags?)

[Photo-5] Safeedi: something new afoot

[Photo-6] Compete we must!

Tere Uncle ke Bachhe

Bachho ke number Oonche

[Photo-7] And that’s a wrap. Video shoot for ‘Beta Sweater Pehno’ is complete! Great working with the @paperframes boys. (at Mysore, Karnataka)

[Photo-8 & 9] Live Jam on NDTV India with Ravish Kumar on 'Beta Sweater Pehno'! Full fun scenes. 7th March, 2017

And, here is the full video:

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