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Mushkil Mein Jeena: Our #NewSong On Living Through Tough Times

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Mushkil Mein Jeena, our brand-new single releases on 12th June. A song that is also our take on life even as we all collectively cope with the uncertainty of these unprecedented times.

For months now, we have confined ourselves to survive the pandemic, we stare with discomfort at an uncertain future. More urgently than ever before, we realize how connected we are to life through a bond of heart-breaking tenderness. And, this song is a gentle reminder to chose life in your heart.

The melody and chords for this song came together in a perfect jam session a few months ago – when the situation was grim with nationwide protests. Then, COVID-19 broke and life, as we knew, it, was turned on it’s head.

Amid the nation-wide lock-down, we witnessed mass-scale human suffering – yet, we witnessed the best of humanity in the relentless courage of healthcare workers unwavering in their duty of care and individuals uniting in their relief efforts. So, the idea of staying positive and choosing life with all it’s lows (and some highs) is more relevant than ever today.

Mushkil Mein Jeena is not a rallying cry of optimism in this time of crisis. A simple melody with a timeless message of never forgetting to wonder at the ordinary everyday miracles - of flowers that bloom in brilliant colours even as seasons turn bringing joy back into our lives.

The lyrics are penned by Puneet Sharma, a long-time collaborator of the band, whose latest songs in the film Gulabo Sitabo will release on the very same day.

Self-produced Music Video Featuring Our Families

We collaborated online to self-produce the accompanying music-video shot in our homes featuring our family-members – from frisky five-year olds, to supportive spouses and indulgent mothers. The cast of our music video has never means the world to us. The video will be available on YouTube from June 12.

Playful Comic-Style Artwork

Sweet as misri art-work created by our collaborator, the Gangtok-based Ekta Bharti, who worked with us on the Raah-e-Fakira comic book. “I found the song quite relatable as stress comes to me easily in any situation and am in need of a constant reminder to lighten up”, she says.

With the rain pouring every few hours outside her window, Ekta naturally experimented with rainy metaphors. And there it was, a girl jumping in the puddle, something that she herself refrained from doing as a child. It made perfect sense now to lighten up a bit and make that splash, to enjoy the moment even when it appears grey and grim.

As musicians and storytellers, we enjoyed the process of making this song – but none of us could have imagined then, the context this song would acquire as we launch it now, in our days in isolation, feeling somewhat adrift yet suspended in time.

We hope you find perspective and gratitude as you let the song enfold you gently. A melody that soothes the soul and perhaps, helps you accept the seasons of your heart. And the words stay with you as a beloved friend. A song in the making. For these times.

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