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Of the Youth & The Young-at-Heart

Bindhu and Vasu wedding celebrations - the highlight was the rare and spirited Jal Tarang performance by Bindhu's accomplished 83-year old grandmother Kalaimamani Seetha Doraiswamy

Vasu and Bindhu decided to get hitched and the world celebrated. We mean, our world. At his reception in Mysore his in-laws’ family was present in large numbers to participate in the festivities, and boy, did they participate!

Bindhu’s grandmother Kalaimamani Seetha Doraiswamy, one of the most prolific exponents of the Jal Tarangam (the water piano) decided to give a rare performance. Imagine 21 bowls, each filled to a specific level of water to ring true, at a specific note! Tuning it up or down involved carefully adjusting the level of water. What truly amazed us, and everyone present was that she was 83 years old. But the spirit with which she played (accompanied by her nephew and grand-niece) belies her age.

Honoured by the Tamil Nadu government for her contribution to this rare instrument, grand-ma has performed over 1000 shows in venues as far and wide as the Americas, Europe and the Middle-east.

Vasu, buddy, let’s hope some of that magic rubs off onto us. What ra?

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