#TerminalJam on The Namma Metro

Updated: Apr 13

We went back with #TerminalJam our jam sessions in public spaces to inject joy into the everyday. This time it’s on board the #nammametro - and we live-streamed our jam on-board on Facebook and Twitter

#TerminalJam is our way of injecting joy into public spaces with music. Our latest venture was aboard the Namma Metro in Bangalore, at about 4pm on a Friday. Our friends Abhay and Nidhi joined us, after having read about the jam on Twitter. What followed was about 4-5 songs of amazing vibe. Folks spontaneously began to dance with us!

Just when things were going great, our jaws dropped when we heard an Akashvaani voice say, “Krupaya, gaadi mein sangeet na bajayen”. They had pre-recorded it for THIS moment! 

That’s not going to stop us, though. More such adventures coming up.

Serving sugar-coated bitter pill: raising awareness bad roads, traffic, littering by performing and reclaiming public spaces

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