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#Thowback: Here is to Nostalgia and Swarathma's Origin-Story

A few fond photographs from Swarathma's history pages: the original founder trio and our very first photo-shoot

Late breaking #throwback: This is the photo of the 3 founding members of Swarathma - Vasu Dixit, Abinanth Kumar and Pavan Kumar KJ.

There is also Whistle, Vasu’s ‘pet’ brother. Who was probably the first ever listener of our music.

This pic was shot at Vasu’s house in Mysore, the band’s first ever jampad!

P.S.: selfies existed much before the invention of smartphones

A photo-collage from our first ever photo-shoot in Srirangapatna c 2006. Ace photographer and percussionist @kjpavan executed it.

Five years later we would return to this spot to shoot a segment of our episode of The Dewarists with the inimitable Shubha Mudgal ji.

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