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#TravelingBandJournal: Terminal Jamming Our Way to the Gig at IIM Indore Photo-Blog

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

#TerminalJamming our way to the gig at IIM Indore - Vasu pulled off an impromptu jam aboard the Indigo Airlines flight to Indore and we live-streamed our lay-over jam in Mumbai

[Photo-1] Our New Go-Green Initiative has kicked off.

Taken during our gig at IIM Indore last night by Soundmeister Vinod Bangera, while Lightstar Bharavi was doing his thang.

[Photo-2] The closest @kjpavan will get to a management degree.

[Photo-3] Backstage Vibe at IIM Indore. A solitary stroller. Left alone. Forgotten. Full of important shit. Without which no show. Pic @kjpavan

[Photo-4] Aboard the #indigo6e flight to Indore, Vasu got up, took his guitar out and did a rendition of 'Pyaasi', while we waited to taxi. That was quite a moment. This is what we mean by #TerminalJam.

[Photo-5] Layover spent well: we spent it #TerminalJamming at Mumbai Domestic Airport (T1)

[Photo-6] Massive hair growth in such a short flight. Hello 6E!

[Photo-7] From one tour bus to another! We had an entire Indigo Bus to ourselves when we landed at Bangalore.

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