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When Music Brings You Together

We chanced upon a metal-act Hybris after hearing them jam - and were quite taken in with the bonhomie and chaos of the jam-pad

Montry and I were hanging out and having lunch at a small Mallu mess, where you sit at the family’s dining table and eat whatever’s been cooked – a fabulously simple concept. The only menu decision you make is “Would I wanna wash my hands first?”

We were well into our wholesome meal of payar, pulissery and meen-curry when we suddenly heard the pounding of a double bass pedal going kwazoonga on a kit and the low-growl of distortion distilled by soundproofing. “A band jamming!” we said to ourselves.

So after breakfast, we gatecrashed the jam of up and coming band ‘Hybris’. We were really taken by their hand-painted Stranger amp, as we were with the general chaos and bonhomie that the jam pad exuded. We liked.

[Photo] Montry and his New Brothers in Arms: Metal Act 'Hybris' Sushant (bass), Monish (guitars) and Vivian (drums)

Hybris had never heard of Swarathma, maybe they never will get into our kind of music, but who cares, we were all in that moment, together. Beautiful, isn’t it, how music can make you drop your inhibitions and make friends in the unlikeliest of places?

[Photo] The nifty hand-painted Stranger 15 Watt Cube: A Sure Sign of Good Times to Come!

The handiwork of bass-player Sushant!

Text and Pictures: Jishnu Dasgupta

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