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Getting Lucky with Sennheiser

We jammed with Lucky Ali, our musical hero on 'Topiwalleh' and continued on the epic jam through the rest day with a bunch of super-talented musicians at the opening of the Sennheiser Experience Zone

If there’s one thing that Swarathma loves its getting together with musicians of any shape or size and JAM!

There’s something really incredible about the spontaneous combustion of two highly inflammable musical ideas in the same room. The result is frequently magical! We got a chance to make this happen at the Sennheiser Experience Zone launch at Bangalore, and we got our favorite bands and artists together for a day long jam!

[Photo] The brightly coloured topis tend to make you smile. Swarathma jamming for Lucky Ali at Sennheiser's showroom.

Lucky Ali began the day with a deftly snipped red ribbon that declared the showroom open. But things really got underway when we played for him 'Topiwalleh' with him wearing a fluorescent blue and white bad boy and grooving along. It was a dream come true for us when we picked Vasu’s guitar up and jammed with us on 'Anjaani Rahon Mein' a song I’ve heard since I was in school.

The Solder boys showed up soon afterwards to kick off the open jam. If you haven’t heard them yet, head over to their Facebook page for some straight up honest alt-rock peppered with boyish charm. And then they just kept pouring in: Sachin from Parvaaz, Rauf from Ministry of Blues, everyone from Aks came in, with musicians picking up whatever instrument that was lying around to join one long massive jam. Sandeep Vashistha dropped by with his flutes as did Bindhu whose vocals added so much colour to the rainy afternoon. It was also great to have our old cohort Rahul Pophali on the tabla.

To end, you realize that you don’t really need a lot to create memories with music. Just a space where minds can come together and feed of each other’s energies. And Sennheiser’s showroom was just that.

[Photo] Solder and Swarathma come together. Rock x (Alt + Folk) = Awesomeness

Swarathma endorses Sennheiser wireless in-ear monitors and microphones.

Pictures: Santosh Swami (full set) | Video: Sameer Sahab & Vasu Dixit | Text: Jishnu Dasgupta

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