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Handshake Concert Chowdiah Memorial Hall Bangalore: Photo-Blog

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Delighted and honored to be part of the Handshake Concert at Bangalore's iconic venue - memories from gig-day

These are a series of images of the Handshake Concert through our eyes. It is an honour to be a part of this event, featuring the likes of Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and the band we’ve admired for a long time – Shillong’s Soulmate. Here it is then, the glimpses from a day in the life of a ‘working-class’ band. Pics: Montry Manuel and Jishnu Dasgupta

[Photo-1] 3:15pm - 'Alien Eyes': Sanjeev checks out of reality after a mind-numbing lunch. Clearly he is coasting through hyperspace.

[Photo-2] 2:45pm - 'Collateral Beef Damage': Half the band headed to Windsor Pub for one of the awesomest lunches of all time. Crab rasam, Pandhi (Pork) curry and Erachi Varathathu (Beef). Madness.

[Photo-3] 12:40pm - 'VVIP Mirror on the Wall': Montry Manuel surprised in the green room while he quickly checks email in the green room.

The green room has a very 70s feel... loving it.

[Photo-4] 12:10pm - 'Blues Soul in Silhouette': Rudy Walang has the most amazing bluesy guitar tone. Eagerly awaiting the jam on 'Topi Walleh' with him!

[Photo-5] 12:05pm - 'Keynote Address': Soulmate is an awesome sounding band. Their brand of blues is just so powerful that it blew us away at soundcheck.

[Photo-6] 11:20am - 'Mike's Friends': Stands all in a row in the Chowdiah backstage area. Fortunately we're not using these monsters. They have a habit of toppling over.

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