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Highway Stars: Our Debut Album Goes "Mainstream"

What I’m about to talk about is one of our most memorable experiences. A sign, however small it may be, of appreciation maybe even acceptance from the aam junta though its something a tad too audacious for a band like ours to hope for – but we’re definitely on our way!

I was on my way to Pune for Baajaa Gaajaa with some folks from OML when we stopped at a Dhaba on the Mumbai Pune Express Highway. Now the driver didn’t have any music, and we were tired of having heard the same CCR label CDs countless times, so I went into the pirated CD stall where you get a gazillion mp3s on a CD for 50 bucks.

And to my total and utter disbelief the Swarathma album turned out to be part of one such compilation! Jostling for space between the Ghajinis, LuckByChances, Chandni Chowk to Chinas and Dostanas.

This is what it looks like when you hold it. Wheww.. hot no? There we are, sitting, third from left, first row.

What follows is my conversation with the guy at the stall,

“Kya hai ye Swarathma, koi nayi picture?”
“Haan saab.. bahut achhi hai”
“Kaun hai usme?”
“Maloom nahi saab, par mast hai”
“Aapne suna hai?”
“Nahi boss.. par mast hai, le lo”

I laughed all the way to Pune.

Text: Jishnu Dasgupta

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