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Our Youngest Fan: 2-Year Old Harshita Sings 'Ee Bhoomi'

One of our youngest fans sings 'Ee Bhoomi' and we can't stop feeling glad - this is why we do what we do, despite things not always being easy or fun

Right, so you may ask us, “Why are you doing what you are doing?” It is true, while it may seem like fun and games, playing in a band is a lot of hard work. It’s not always easy, and not always fun.

But then along comes a moment (like this one) which refreshes your soul like a cool drink at the end of a hot day.

Two year old Harshita heard our song on her Papa’s car stereo after he came to watch us at Twestival. And has been singing our song 'Ee Bhoomi' (‘This Earth’) ever since. Seeing and hearing her go for it at the top of her rather powerful voice fills us with hope, pride and an intangible, incredible sense of satisfaction.

If you’d like to hear the boring grown-up version, click here. And here’s what the Kannada lyrics mean:

‘Ee Bhoomi’ Swarathma/Swarathma Kannada Lyrics: Vasu Dixit Translated into English by: Shreya Dasgupta

Watch the earth turn into paradise As you sing to the glory of love and friendship Soar into the sky as a bird flies Pave the way with your smiles See the sky burst into myriad butterflies Night and day, in tune. Forget the day that is to be Revel in the sweetness of today May each word you say be poetry, Every breath you take, a new life, May your mind wander without fear, In lands and hearts, far and wide. No envy, no jealousy, not now, not ever No hatred in this world, love forever.

Thanks to Raghu (Tweets as @raghur) for this amazingly beautiful gift. Our love and hugs to little Harshita.

Tell her we’ll be waiting for her to grow up and come jam with us.

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