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Sungard Gig: Photo-Blog

[Photo-1] Amaan Ali Khan, a scion of the family of Liaqat Ali Khan looks wryly at the chaos that reigns around a Swarathma soundcheck.

[Photo-2] Getting all the Swarathma channels on one mixerboard is quite a task - here's what engineer Niranjan is looking at during this gig!

[Photo-3] This is the drum kit Montry finally okayed. Count the number of mics on this, and win a grand prize!

[Photo-4] Storm clouds gather when The Pavan summons the energies from within his soul and causes a cosmic meltdown...

[Photo-5] One of the crew members of new Hollywood blockbuster Avatar is one of our new band mates. err... yes.

[Photo-6] Hamara music thoda 'Hartke' hai.

[Photo-7] And this, ladies and gentlemen is where the Tweets and FB updates come from. Jishnu's Nokia E63

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