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#SwarathmaLive: Live from the Don Bosco Institute of Technology's Annual Bash

On a lovely overcast day, we head out to the Don Bosco Institute of technology Bangalore for a special gig with the lovely Feli Geiger joining us on stage with the harp

It’s a beautiful day. Overcast, drizzling. We gig today at Vismay 2011, the annual bash at Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Bangalore. Special guest today, the lovely Feli Geiger on the harp. There could be a bunch of djembe artists joining us on stage too!

[Photo-1] Varun and Deb sort out stuff at the band's jampad at load-out. The lampshades are ghodi masks. The drum kit is resting.

Pic: Prateek

[Photo-2] The Ghodi crosses the road atop the sturdy shoulders of Vijay, road crew member. Sanjeev follows to make sure she's loaded in good.

Pic: Vinay DV

[Photo-3] Harp player and special guest from Germany Feli Geiger demos the air harp to an eager audience. She joins us on 'Pyaasi' tonight.

Pic: Vinay DV

[Photo-4] Jishnu cackles at something banal. Most of our jokes are. But then at the moment they're too funny to not guffaw at.

Pic: Vinay DV

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