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The Octoberfest 2010 Gig: Photo Blog

Moments from Octoberfest 2010 as we got geared up for a massive show!

Here’s the story of our tryst with Octoberfest 2010, in pictures. In as many parts as we can manage. Pics and Text: Jishnu Dasgupta

[Photo-1] Vasu’s silhouette makes a point at soundcheck, flanked by no less than four monitors. We’re feeling the vibe!

[Photo-2] Don’t be fooled by the massive Peavey 5150 Eddie Van Halen series amplifier that Varun’s using. The thing that’s driving it is the tiny little Orange Dual Terror on the bottom right.

[Photo-3] The brooding intensity of Mehdi Dehbandi, guest artist with us tonight. He plays Didgeridoo. If you don’t now what that is, come watch us tonight!

[Photo-4] So now you know what to do if us musicians screw up on stage!

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