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The Octoberfest 2009 Gig: Photo Blog

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

We live photo-blogged as we took the Octoberfest stage - the memories live on!

We played at the Great Indian Octoberfest on 23 October at 7pm on the Main Stage alongside bands we’ve idolized for years! Whenever we’ve been in doubt, we’ve asked ourselves, “How would Indian Ocean have dealt with this?

Not two weeks ago, when Montry and Jishnu were driving together, they were totally tripping (for the nth time) on Avial and their ground-breaking Malayalam Alternative rock album. And now, we share a festival, with ALL of them?! What could be better?

Moments from the Show!

[08:45pm] Sanjeev in a vacant or pensive mood, [08:40pm] radiating dimples on Jishnu, [08:30pm] gaane mein magn Vasu

[08:10pm] The show gets off finally! [08:00pm] Do the concentric circles on the Zakk Wylde signature signify the vicious circles of derrty politics? [07:40pm] Topi Sambhal Ke!! The band dressing up for "Topi Waale"...

[07:30pm] "Kabir kaun thaa?? After all these shows?? Maine tujhe kya samjha thaa Jishnu, aur tu KYA nikla!!" [07:00pm] Never kiss a gift horse in the mouth.

[06:30pm] Montreus Manuelus in his natural habitat, [06:00pm] Montry with his Mini-Me just before the show!

The Story Until Soundcheck

[02:15pm] This is a LARGE stage. After the cramped confines of clubs where Sanjeev's violin bow pokes holes in the shoulder or eye of whoever is next to him, this is a welcome change. [01:50pm] The man at work. Niranjan on sound. Sound advice he gives. Mostly. [01:30pm] Spot the error in the spelling in the Stage Monitor marker and win a grand prize!

[12:50pm] A health-filled energy bar, in unique organic packaging for Varun [12:35pm] Vasu's sound-checking shoes. Not to be confused with the mismatched laces and Converse sneakers he wears during the gig [12:30pm] Jishnu busts a pensive jam in soundcheck, blending in with his background...

[12:20pm] Montry during Soundcheck is an intense intense person. Stare into his eyes at your own risk. [11:50am] Now which button do I press to become instantly irresistible to women? Octoberfest crew in action [11:40am] Drums need to be setup – those cymbals sitting on the ground are on their way out and Montry’s personal set are on their way in.

[11:20pm] The first look at the Octoberfest venue – whoaa….!!! Big. Mainstage and whatnot. First jitters. [10:25am] The Swarathma tour minivan AFTER. Little wonder major airlines boycott us. [10:10am] The Swarathma tour minivan BEFORE [09:45am] The bass guitar is all set to leave. The potted plants at the Swarathma jam pad bid it good bye

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