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#TravelingBandJournal: Multi-City Shows with #NH7Weekender 2016 Photo-Blog

Playing back-to-back shows in home-town Mysore and Hyderabad with super-special set-lists for #NH7Weekender 2016

[Photo-1] August Mail: 2016 #NH7Weekender Line-up is announced. We can't wait to get the show on the road.

[Photo-2] Good old hometown vibes at soundcheck! We went live at #NH7Mysore on 29th October

[Photo-3] Thumba Thanks Mysooru!

After a memorable homecoming gig for Mysore at #NH7Weekender express! We had some special folks in the audience.

Pic: Rohan Sarkar for @nh7dotin

[Photo-4] Wristband Hangover: The morning after feeling after you played an #NH7Weekender gig, but you’ve had a such a good time that you don’t feel like getting the keepsake off.

Had a great time watching Raghu Dixit, @dualistinquiry, @nucleya, F16s and playing for the home town crowd.

[Photo-5] Morning morning misunderstanding. On our way to Hyderabad for the next leg of #NH7Weekender. Man approaches Sanjeev.

Ehsaan sir one photo please?

I mean, come on!

#notloy #someoneelse (at Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore)

[Photo-6] Poster from our Facebook-Live: we talked about a super special set list at #NH7WEEKENDER #Hyderabad

[Photo-7] View from the Office this morning. This @nh7dotin Weekender venue feels really welcoming. We went live on a massive stage on 4th November for #NH7Weekender Hyderabad

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