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#TravelingBandJournal: Playing in Kolkata and Delhi for NH7 Weekender 2013

In its 4th edition, the Bacardi NH7Weekender 2013 promised to be a grand fest for lovers of alternative and indie music in India! As always!

We played in Kolkata and then in Delhi. Here are some moments from then:

[Photo-1] And that’s what it looked like! Swarathma with a String Section live at NH7 Weekender.

[Photo-2] String section soundcheck! The warmth was infectious! 22nd November, 2013

[Photo-3 & 4] A luminescent evening in Delhi: #SweaterPehno Tour stops over at the national capital! Followed by old Delhi kebab scenes! We went live at #NH7Weekender the day after. 30th November, 2013

[Photo-5] Stamps of remembrance for our gig at #NH7Weekender!

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