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#TravelingBandJournal: Red Bull Tour Bus Launch Gig

Kicking off the Red Bull Tour with a fantastic gig at the Wilson Gymkhana

Of Dhotis and Hydraulic Lifts: Part of A Great Gig

Earlier this month, we played at the launch gig of the much-awaited Red Bull Tour Bus that is a venue on wheels, slated to be there at all the NH7 Weekender gigs!

We drove straight into the venue at Wilson Gymkhana with a “WOW” plastered across our faces. The rig was just amazing, as you can see for yourself. But to get your gear up on the bus, especially if you’re a six piece folk band is something else, altogether. There is a hydraulic lift that carries only a limited weight up to the roof of the bus. Getting on it while wearing a dhoti is quite challenging, I might add.

We took the stage after Nischay Parekh and it was madness from the word go! We played a tight set, with my personal highlight being ‘Kooraane’. It’s always a delight playing in Mumbai, especially since we were back after several months.

Add to that the fantastic mix of bands (The Supersonics, Scribe, Dualist Inquiry Band and others), it was a great gig to be a part of.

A friend I spoke to just before I left the venue when the dust settled said, “It felt like a mini-Weekender!


Photo Credit: Shalaka Pai/NH7, Red Bull

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