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#TravelingBandJournals: Forward March Tour Photo-blog

The Forward March Tour began with Varun having a bad day. We forgot his guitar at the time of load-out. Then the anal security officers at the airport thought his Orange guitar amp head was a weapon of mass destruction (which it is, if you look at it). But then we lived to tell the tale. In pictures.

[Photo-1] Montry Manuel has issues. He heart is fragile. He is emotional baggage.

Pic: Jishnu

[Photo-2] The Lunatics are on the Grass. Sanjeev and Varun decide to crash on the little green patch outside the arrival lounge at Mumbai airport. Pic: Jishnu

[Photo-3] Rikshawalla Dixit: Pictured here is the hardest working member of the band. On the Cycle of Life. The Pedaller of Tunes. Carrier of good news.

Pic: Sanjeev Nayak

[Photo-4] After having successfully negotiated our way to Kareem's, House of Food from Paradise, Tour Manager Young Deb and Engineer d'Sounde Niranjan share a point between mouthfuls of magic.

Pic: Varun

[Photo-5] The Aftermath: Massive quantities of wholesome goodness were polished off. Mutton Seekh, Chicken Seekh, Dilpasand, Mutton Korma, Chicken Makhani, and Rotis that were more pillows than food. Dessert was Firni, Shahi Tukda and Kulfi. Whoof...

Pic: Pavan

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