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#TravelingBandJournal: Pyar ke Rang Tour Photo-Memoirs

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Pyar ke Rang Tour is replete with special memories and great photographs - from playing to a euphoric crowd in Pune followed by a journey north to Agra where we visited the Taj Mahal as a band

The Pyar ke Rang tour was special. The promise of seeing the Taj Mahal, a first time experience for most of us, on the St. Valentine’s celebrated day of love was something we went ‘oooh!’ over. Add a gig at Pune, our second home, to a crowd of Symbiosis Inst of Design students who are pretty awesome in every way, and you have a winning combo! For the full set of pics, click here.

[Photo-1] 'Superman at Soundcheck' - Soundcheck at Pune albeit delayed was chilled out. Friends dropped by while issues got sorted out. In this pic Varun Superboy plugs in his Crafter acoustic guitar with a direct XLR out and jangles out a few riffy chords.

Pic: Kaustuv Dasgupta

[Photo-2] 'Bolo Shri Yeshu Allah aur Krishna keee..' - Vasu and Jishnu raise arms to heaven to catalyze a chant that can change the world! SID Pune outdoes itself each time. This gig at Ishanya saw two trains of junta going clockwise and anticlockwise around the venue in an euphoric frenzy. We loved it.

Pic: Rushi Dolas

[Photo-3] 'Jhilmil Parathas!' - After a bleary-red-eye flight to Delhi, we set off on the Agra road trip. Pictured here is the epic Jhilmil Dhaba where obscene quantities of Aloo, Pyaaz, Gobi and Paneer parathas (spiced wheat flat-breads) were wolfed down.

Pic: Pavan Kumar

[Photo-4] Pre-Taj Moment - A delayed setup at the (largely forgettable) Agra venue meant we could squeeze in a Taj visit! Here we stand at the red sandstone gates waiting to exhale. The 22 domes on top of the gate (11 visible here) were made to mark the number of years it took.

Pic: Irfan the Guide.

[Photo-5] 'Aye tere dar par' - We pose for a pic at the behest of Irfan, redoubtable guide who refused to speak in English. 'Aapne Indian ka rate diya hai, Hindi mein bolunga!' A great experience, nonetheless.

Pic: Irfan the Guide

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